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Rooted We Rise! 
by Breath Free Detroit
A resource guide to help Detroiters stay in their homes and strengthen their communities.  

Wayne County Community Resource Guide
Food, medical care, and access to state services.  

Metro Detroit Covid-19 Support Page
Connecting people so they can ask for and offer help to each other 


American Indian Health and Human Services
American Indian Health & Family Services is a non-profit health center whose mission is to empower and enhance the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing of American Indian/Alaska Native individuals, families and other underserved populations in SE MI through culturally grounded health and family services.
FB: @aihfs
Clinic: 313-846-6030
Administration: 313 846-3718

Care of Southeast Michigan
Counseling, recovery support and re-entry services. CARE of Southeastern Michigan’s mission is to strengthen resilience in people and improve communities through prevention, education and services that improve the quality of life.
Main Office (586) 541-CARE
Recovery United Community Center (586) 552-1120

Community Care Circles
Detroit Disability Power
Calling all people with a disability or chronic illness living in the Detroit area!  Calling all caregivers of a person with a disability or chronic illness - family, friend, aide, teacher, loved one or professional! We invite you to join our process of exploring, listening, supporting, sharing, healing, reflecting, and transforming our lives in a community with others doing the same.  While DDP organizes to change the world to work for people with disabilities, the world as it is is certainly taking a toll on us. We need resiliency practices and connection with each other to survive and to make the world around us better.
Community Care Circles gather virtually every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 2-4 pm 

The Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) 
DBCFSN was formed in February 2006 to address food insecurity in Detroit’s Black community and to organize members of that community to play a more active leadership role in the local food security movement.
Projects: D-Town farm, Educational and youth programs, Detroit people’s food coop.
(313) 345-3663​

Healing by Choice
We are a diverse group of Women and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color Health and Healing Practitioners based in Waawiiyatanong / Detroit, MI. We are committed to living with integrity and love, as we interweave the wisdom of Mother Earth, our ancestors, and our traditions in our own healing and journey toward wholeness. We honor and support the distinct presence that each of us brings along with our individual services. We strive to work in a way that is collaborative and co-creative, within our group and within our communities.
(313) 242-7597

The [mindful] Movement
is a public demonstration aimed towards healing social justice and cultivating community reform through mind/body engagement within various communities of Metro-Detroit.

Radical Wellbeing Center 
The Radical Well-Being Center offers psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families, group therapy, massage, acupuncture, reiki and decolonized healing and energy work, nutrition counseling from a non-diet/Health at Every Size/intuitive eating perspective, educational workshops, and community events. Our therapists are trauma-informed and work from a social justice and harm reduction perspective.
(866) 703-1901


Michigan Mutual Aid Coalition (MIMAC)

East Side Mutual Aid
Eastside Mutual Aid is a movement of communists on the eastside of Detroit who are trying to liberate their community through mutual aid and radical love.

For the People Detroit
Communist Mutual Aid
Instagram: ftp_detroit

Food Not Class
FNC recovers and shares free reclaimed/donated food and goods with the public. We encourage community solidarity/defense to make police/government obsolete.
(313) 483-3627


Detroit Eviction Defense
Detroit Eviction Defense is a coalition of tenants, homeowners, union members, community advocates, and allied groups united in the struggle against foreclosure and eviction. We believe that affordable housing is a human right, the foundation of a viable community.
It’s never too late to organize in defense of your home and your neighborhood, but no one should fight this fight alone. We support alternative legal strategies and non-profit finance to resist foreclosure, and we help defend families against eviction with direct and peaceful protest against banks and government agencies. Contact us for Zoom meetings during Covid.

United Community Housing Coalition 
Our services help families retain their homes permanently, preserving family assets and protecting neighborhoods from blight caused by vacant housing.
Office mainline: (313) 963-3310
Tax Foreclosure line: 313-405-7726
Detroit Eviction Hotline: 866-313-2520


Detroit Will Breathe
We are Detroit Will Breathe, a movement formed on the streets of Detroit in the midst of an international movement against police brutality towards Black lives.For the latest times and locations for marches, rallies, and actions, follow us on social media:
(313) 473-9658

Michigan Liberation
We believe in radical transformation of our society. One of the places where we have begun our work is a focus on healing our communities from the pain and trauma caused by the criminal legal system. As organizers, we find other people who want to get involved in changing the things that hurt us. Together, we envision a new world, fight for policies that get us closer to that world or create our own systems, if need be, and elect people who represent our values.
We believe people who have been incarcerated & their loved ones need to be the people leading this work on how we transform our criminal justice system. One of our main focuses is on training and developing people to become these leaders.

Detroit Justice Center & The Detroit Bail Project
The Detroit Justice Center (DJC) is a non-profit law firm working alongside communities to create economic opportunities, transform the justice system, and promote equitable and just cities.
(313) 736-5957

313 Care Collective
Street Medics & Protest Support. If you can help as a medic, trainer, or in another support role, or if you need street medics or logistical support for your event, please message or e-mail us

Frontline Detroit
Frontline Detroit is a living assembly of rooted Detroiters, building revolutionary power, through bottom-up, intergenerational, Black and Indigenous led organizing, and fighting for environmental justice as a radical transformation of society.

James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
(313) 923-0797

SHIFT: Suburban Solidarity for Social Justice

Accountability For Dearborn
We demand transparency, accountability, and ultimately divestment from Dearborn Police. Connect with us to learn about efforts to push Dearborn’s City Council to take action to defund the Dearborn Police Department.

Madison Heights Anti-racist Coalition 
Via Private group on Facebook, ask to join!

South Warren Alliance of Radical Movement (SWARM)

Suburban Coalition for Collective Liberation

The Transforming Power Fund (TPF) 
TPF provides funding, training, and other resources for local projects that address the root causes of systemic problems and advance holistic solutions in Detroit. TPF prioritizes community governance, donor organizing, and shared values in order to model a more equitable approach to philanthropy.

Resource Generation 
Resource Generation is a multiracial membership community of young people (18-35) with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power.
Email the local chapter to get involved:
National website:


Black to the Land
Black to the Land is a coalition of Black, Indigenous and People of Color nature enthusiasts, intent on helping fellow BIPOC actively engage in meaningful outdoor adventures. 

We the People of Detroit
As a community-based grassroots organization, WPD aims to inform, educate, and empower Detroit residents on imperative issues surrounding civil rights, land, water, education, and the democratic process. Call our water hotline at 1-844-42WATER (429-2837), or pickup water at specified locations. Our water crisis hotline is run by volunteers. The volunteers can assist Detroiters with locating emergency water and making payment arrangements with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. We can also assist with finding and navigating the various water resources that are currently available. Please leave a message with your name and phone number, spoken slowly and clearly so we are able to call you back as soon as we can. 

Michigan Environmental Justice Council (MEJC)
The MEJC convened in 2011 to attempt the implementation of the 2010 Environmental Justice Plan created by Gov. Granholm. Since that time Detroit  water shutoffs and bankruptcy, the Flint Water Crisis, fast tracking of air pollution and mining permits, fracking, new and aging pipelines, catalyzed under Governor Snyder. In response MEJC began growing its network and membership. Every two years MEJC hosts the Environmental Justice Summit, has three research projects with University of Michigan,  is doing on the ground community education, meeting with federal, state and local government to move the needle on EJ.

East Michigan Environmental Action Council
For over forty years, EMEAC has been working in the community, in the courts, in township halls and in schools. We played a role in the enactment of most of Michigan’s environmental laws.  Our work is rooted in the principles of environmental justice and in community organizing.  We work to fight environmental racism and extreme energy while building community solutions and resilience inside Detroit: the community where we live, work and play.

Sunrise Movement Detroit

CRAFT: Citizen Resistance at Fermii 2
CRAFT stands on Indigenous principles that not only shape what we do, but how we do it. We are an intergenerational, multi-racial, cross-cultural team of concerned people committed to halting nuclear destruction, promoting renewable energy, and embodying sound principles in the process. Ultimately, it is a new world that we seek and we believe that it is community, strong coalition, and collaboration that will bring about a safe and viable future for our planet.


We seek guidance from ancestral indigenous-based knowledge systems for cultural production & storytelling experiences through traditional, contemporary, & experimental media, music, film, & design. The Aadizookaan is a dynamic group collaborating in various ways that specialize in multimedia productions, projects, services, events, products & installations, and the [ah-dihz-ooh-kahn] translates to “the sacred spirit of the story”, “the story/message/messenger” which is from the language of the Anishinabe [first nations people from the area of Detroit].

Relentless Bodies
Relentless Bodies is a Detroit-based creative disability and healing justice collective. The collective currently consists of Owólabi Aboyade (Will See), a New Afrikan writer and cultural organizer, Taraneh Fazeli, an Iranian-American curator, and Aiko Fukuchi, a queer Japanese American writer and community organizer. We operate from the belief that our chronic illnesses were caused/furthered by our families or ancestors racial oppression, and that culture has the power to help heal our personal and collectively-engaged bodyminds.

Poetic Societies 
Transmedia Poetry and Healing Technologies Network for the Somatic, Sonic, and Scenic Liberation of the Oppressed Bodies across the Earth.

Riverwise Magazine 
Riverwise magazine shares the work of emerging communities of Detroit activists who continue the hard work of building a new society rooted in value-based politics rather than material-based economics. Please join us as we continue our work of documenting that critical journey.

Geez Magazine: Contemplative Cultural Resistance
Geez magazine is a quarterly, non-profit, ad-free, print magazine about social justice, art, and activism for people at the fringes of faith in both Canada and the US. Geez is for the over-churched, out-churched, un-churched and maybe even the un-churchable. Our aim is to nurture a community of faith-oriented folks that are concerned about the environment, peace, racial and gender justice, decolonization, and other social concerns.

The 5th Estate
The Fifth Estate, founded in 1965, is an anarchist, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian, anti-profit project published cooperatively by a volunteer collective of friends and comrades. We are committed to non-dogmatic, action-oriented writing and activity to bring about a new world.

Planet Detroit
Planet Detroit is an environmental journalism project based in Detroit on a mission to raise awareness about Metro Detroit’s environmental and public health challenges and potential solutions, hold powerful entities accountable, and empower readers to connect with each other, the local environment, and be empowered to take action to protect and restore the health of their communities.
Please send us more resources to post here using the contact page. Thank you!

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